Friday Night October 5, 2012

Diesel Drags Classes 1st 2nd
Sportman ET  $   500  $250
12.0 Quick Diesel  $1,000  $500
Unlimited Truck  $1,250  $500

6555 West 2100 South
West Valley City, Utah 84128 (Click here for Map)

Registration/Tech starts at 4:00 p.m.
Race Fees: $30
Gates open at 4:00 p.m.

Racing from 5:00 p.m. – Over or Midnight!
Ticket Price: Adults: $10/Kids (5-12): $5

Racing Classes-
ET Bracket Class: Competitors Race against their dial in efforts to predict, react, and perform better than their competitor.
12.0 Quick Diesel: Indexed at 12 seconds, this class leaves the starting line together (heads up style) and the first legal racer to cross the line without running quicker than the index wins!
Unlimited Truck: Full size trucks compete on an unlimited, heads-up racing in 1/8 and/or 1/4 depending on track!

Sponsors will be set up at the events to display new products or product offerings.

Weekend on the Edge brought to you by Edge Products, AirDog, MBRP, and XDP, Air Dog, BD Diesel, Optima Batteries, Wild Diesel, United Truck and Tractor Pullers, Rockwell Time

Other sponsors of the Edge Pulling Series brought to you by United Truck and Tractor Pullers are: Edge Products, AirDog , MBRP, XDP, Wild Diesel, United Truck and Tractor Pullers, Diesel Tech, Flo-Pro, Moonlight Diesel, Addicted Performance, Trouble Team Pulling, Photography by Neibaur Motorsports, Pacific Steel and recycling,,, Industrial Injection, SBS Diesel, Sign City Wraps, NDRP, Gaylon’s Drivelines, B-D Oil Co., Powerlabs Diesel, South Bend Clutch,, and Global Sound Productions.

ALL exhaust must be routed UP and away from the vehicle, photo cells, and starting line officials.  Failure to do so may lead to disqualification from event.    

All vehicles running may not have a crank centerline height more than 32”.

• Long pants only, NO SHORTS.
• No sleeveless Shirts or Tank Tops.
• Shoes must cover feet, NO sandals, Flip-Flops!

Working seatbelts are required and must be securely mounted.

You must wear a helmet if you run 11.99 and quicker, a Snell 2005 or M2005 and newer.

All windows must be in good condition and free of cracks, and be up when making a pass.

Nitrous Oxide, Bottles must be securely mounted. And be properly vented. And NOS on windows.  

Vehicle must have at least one working taillight.

Tires must be in good condition with at least 1/16 inch tread and no cord showing. All lug nuts & bolts must be properly used and tight.

The cooling system must have a 16 oz catch bottle if not factory installed.

All automatic transmissions must have a working neutral safety switch; Vehicle must not start in gear.

COURTESY STAGING: It is REQIUIRED that all competitors show courtesy to other competitors by using the courtesy staging procedures. Courtesy Staging is when both vehicles Pre-Stage before either competitor stages. So basically if you Pre-Stage first, please wait for the other competitor to Pre-Stage before you Stage your vehicle.

If you break or think you have a problem, PLEASE pull to the side of the track and stop as safe as possible.  This will help with clean-up if necessary.  Failure to do so will disqualify you from the event. 


E V E N T S  B R O U G H T  T O  Y O U  B Y